For many expectant mothers, giving birth is one of the most profound experiences of their lives.
Labor filled with a range of emotions, from excitement and anticipation to pain and exhaustion. Having a birth photographer present to capture it all can make for a truly special experience – one that can create a lasting memory that you and your loved ones will cherish forever.

If you’re on the fence about birth photography, here are a few reasons why it may be worth considering:

  • It Captures Moments You May Have Missed – Once the contractions begin and the pushing begins, time can fly by in a blur. It’s hard to keep track of everything that’s happening, let alone remember it all. With a birth photographer on hand, you can focus on what’s most important – delivering your baby – while someone else captures all of the important moments on camera.
  • It’s a Celebration of Life – Giving birth is a momentous occasion, and bringing a baby into the world is a time of celebration. Photos of the event can serve as a visual reminder of all of the love and excitement that surrounded the birth, and can be a touching tribute to the new life you’ve just brought into the world.
  • It Creates Lasting Memories – Having a professional photographer document your child’s birth will ensure that you have an artistic and beautiful record of one of the most important moments of your life that you can pass down to future generations.

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